Who Needs an Easel?

Okay, yes, easels are awesome!  But in a tight space it can be hard to accomodate the size of setting and keeping up an art easel.  In our home tight space plus the addition of a newborn has made finding the time to prep for setting up the easel inside the house a bit challenging.  One of our new favorite things is coloring on the sliding glass doors.  All you need is window markers and some imagination.  It's simple ... push back the curtains or blinds and hand your little some window markers.  P.S. It's also great fun for the cat hanging out on the porch!  :)

Small note about the window markers.  While they are not listed as washable off of fabric.  I've found clean-up to be a breeze.  The markers wipe right off the window and skin with a moist paper towel. 

What is your go to quick and easy art idea?

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The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

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