Munch-Can Phones

There is just something awesome about the classics in toddler fun.  I have always wanted to do tin can phones with my littles, but was worried about BPA lining and possible sharp edges.   My little just adores the brocolli, kale and chedder variety of Happy Family-Munchies. I love that they are organic, minimally processed and responsibly packaged. That's when it hit me. Why not use two of my many empty munchie canisters and make a munch-can phone!  It was super simple.

1-2-3 Munch-Can Phone

1. Pop the lid off of two empty muchie canisters.

2. Use a Hammer and Nail to punch a neat hole in the bottom of the canister.

3. Connect the two canisters by pulling a piece of yarn through each hole and securing with a thick knot.

That's All Folks!  The sound is awesome!!  One note, my first go round I made the yarn between a bit to long.  For tin can style phones to work best you need to keep the yarn taught.  My littles kept getting so excited they would run toward each other, lessening the sound quality.  So at nap time I shortened the lenght of the yarn.  :)

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  1. That is so sweet! Don't you just love when kids grab onto a fun idea and "run" with it! I love that an old idea is still a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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