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For my first post back from maternity leave I had to share one of my favorite new finds!!    My little peek-a-pooh featured for the first time above is enjoying some tummy time on his new minky blanket made by Charlie's Little ArkCharlie's Little Ark is an awesome new mom owned business on etsy.  You can find all sorts of fantastic, hand made items for baby.  

We have an adorable diaper clutch and the minky blanket featered above.  There is so much to love about these products.  They are adorable, durable, and made with love by a mom!  First and foremost, the quality is outstanding.  The minky blanket was a fast favorite with my little one.  The texture of the minky side is soft against the skin during nap time but also has fun little bumps that are great fun to explore during tummy time!  The exciting, modern print on the reverse side of the blanket is visually stimulating and apparently terrific to chew on!  :)  The diaper clutch is equally impressive.  It is very well put together, adorable and easy to clean! And we all know cleanability is a must when you are on diaper duty!!

When you recieve your products you also receive a heartfelt Thank You note from the mom and maker of all of the Charlie's Little Ark products.  In the note she expresses her gratitude for you helping to keep alive the memory of her precious little baby boy Charlie.  So you see, Charlie's Little Ark not only provides terrific products; but also, celebrates the beautiful life of a precious one gone to soon and the boundless love of a mother.  Take a peek at her shop she is constantly adding new products and patterns that keep me wanting more!!  You can also keep in touch with her by liking the Charlie's Little Ark Facebook Page!!


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  1. Kate is a wonderfully strong woman, that at a time of loss, has found a way to remember and share a most wonderful little man... She shares her love with her new son, Cannon... and keeps alive the love that Charlie shared with everyone that he came in contact with. It's a great way for Cannon to know how important Charlie was and is to him... Kate is supported by a Great Husband, Sean. She is very talented and if there is anything that you have seen or want, I'm sure she'll jump on it with the same enthusiasm she has for life... God has a plan for this family!


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