Think Outside, Inside, & All Around the Box!

We always end up with cardboard boxes laying around the house waiting to go out to the recycling bin.  Here are our top 5 favorite things we do to make good use of them before tossing them.

Thing 1: The Drop Box
I was so inspired by Play at Home and Happy Holligans Drop boxes.  I had to give it a try!  I have to say it was a hit with my littles and not hard at all to do.  I used our set of Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks to cut out the shapes and squares. 
I decided to just focus on numbers, shapes and colors.  So with that in mind I turned the cube blocks into dice by writing a number and the corresponding dots to every other side of the cube.  I was able to finish the project in just a few naptimes and one night :) 

 Thing 2: Letter Icing
We pick a focus letter every week and try to find fun things to do that involve using the focus letter.  One of our favorite activities is Letter decorating.  I cut the letter shape out of cardboard and then the little ones paint them with all sorts of things.  We have used regular paints, puffy paints and glued on found objects that begin with the focus letter.  For Example: feathers and fish on our F's

Thing 3: Lacing Letters
Another fun Letter activity is to cut the letter just the same as we do for letter icing.  Then I punch holes all around the letter and tie a shoe lace to the end.  Voila!  I giant lacing letter!

Thing 4: A Box of ...
I love filling a nice sized cardboard box (big enough for atleast one tot) with fun sensory play activities.  We have filled our boxes up with balls, feathers, scarves, and stuffed animals.  It so much fun to watch them jump in and go crazy!!

Thing 5: Imagination Exploration
Last but certainly not least ... we love to just pile several boxes of varying sizes in our play space and let the little ones imaginations run wild.  We sort things in and out of them, build towers, and climb in, out, and on them.  And that's just the begining.  It's amazing the places you can go when you let your little one's big imagination take you on the journey!!

What are your favorite ways to play with a cardboard box?

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