Markers, Water, and Glue!

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is the Eric Carle Museum.  I recently saw a project they did with with older kids making tissue paper.  They had the students draw partens with markers on paper, spray them with water,then hang them to dry in the sun.  Once dry, the students tore the tissue paper into shapes to make collage art! The results were gorgeous!  So I decided to adapt it for my littles. 

Here is what you need:
We did this project over the course of two days.  Here is how I broke it down.

Day 1: Color and Wet your paper

I set markers and paper for me and my little one.  Yes, I said me and my little one.  Since I was introducing a new medium, water, I wanted to be able to demonstrate with my paper what he could choose to do with his drawing.  I also wanted to make sure he had the option to use the medium or not.  (It is his picture after all!)

After coloring for a while I set out the roasting tin filled about a quarter full with water.  I then placed my art work in the tin and swiveled it around.  He was amazed and given his love for water it was not long after that he had his art work in the tin swiveling around in the wet colorful mess.  We made quite a few of these and hung them up on the clothes line.  Then headed in for nap time!

If you have squirt bottles I say go for it! The final result of using the squirt bottle is a more intense less pastel color.  (I think these Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Tootle Turtle Spray Bottleare soo cute! If your up for it try both! Emersing in water while a bit more messy was really exciting to my little one. Watching the colors lift into the water and fade is thrilling.

Day 2: Tear and Glue your paper

I set out our dry paper, the glue, and construction paper to use as background paper or additional tear options.  I then started tearing shapes out of my paper.  My little one followed suite.  It was loads of fun.  Then we got to glueing (I offered a glue stick and some liquid glue in a paper bowl).  It was a fun sticky mess!  I thought our result although abstract was pretty wonderful and the process was great fun!

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