Little Explorers: Get Destructive!

Okay, admit it …  a little bit of destruction, disorder, and mayhem is fun, soul satisfying, and stress relieving.  Our little explorers have a lot to learn about the order of the universe.  So why not make time for a little disorder in your day.  An added bonus?  You can do some recycling while you are at it!! This activity is fun and exciting for little ones, while being surprisingly low mess for mom!  How? Make a Rip and Tear Bin!

Explore A Rip and Tear Bin

There is just something fun about hearing and experiencing the tearing of paper.  A surprising fact: learning to tear and rip paper is actually a skill that develops over time.  Most children start out by pulling paper apart and progress to tearing paper apart.  Some little explorers start working on this skill by pulling and tearing beloved books.  That’s a costly way to go.  With a Rip and Tear bin you can help cultivate and encourage your child’s developing skills while helping them to understand what types of paper is good to tear.  It’s a great skill to have when your little one is ready to start collaging and making art from torn paper and found objects. 

What you need:

  • A bin of some sort
  • Junk Mail or Newspaper
The Prep Work

  1. Collect your junk mail, junk flyers, and old newspaper in a bin.
That’s it …. Really … That’s all you need to do!!

Let’s Explore!!
  1. Let little explorers search through the box. 
  2. Start ripping, tearing, shredding and pulling the paper. 
  3. Just let them explore. 
Don’t limit how they explore the box or what they choose to do with it.  My little and I had great fun ripping and tearing, but he didn’t start there.  First, he spent a lot of time finding fun things in the mail like bikes, shoes, letters, numbers, and colors.  Then, we spent a lot of time taking items in and out of the bin.  Soon, we got to tearing.  Finally, when we had torn till our hearts wear contented, we listened to the fun sounds we could make with the little piece in the box and tossed the pieces all over the living room.

Good Times and Easy Clean Up!

Don’t forget to keep some of those scraps for future Mini-Masterpieces!!

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