Mini-Masterpiece: Ping Pong Painting Palooza

A ping pong ball, a few cooking tins, and some imagination is all you need for a fun painting adventure with your little ones!!  Ping Pong Painting is a fun spin on marble painting.  This is a great project to do with friends in the great outdoors!! It’s easy, versatile and produces some pretty gorgeous results if you ask me!!  Take a look you won't believe how quick and easy it is!!

What you need:

  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Straws
  • Paper
  • Foil Cooking Tins
  • Plastic or Paper Bowls
  • Paint (finger, tempra, any kid safe paint will do)
  • Water

Before Little Hands Get Involved

  1. Pick a perfect paint spot.  If weather permits, I love this activity as an outdoor event.  Find a spot where the little ones can walk around the activity center.  Consider your back yard, a park, or a patio. 
  2. Squirt different colors of paint into bowls and drop in a ping pong ball or two.

Watch the consistency of your paint.  You want the balls to be able to roll easily so if your paint is on the thicker side … water it down.  Do a few test rolls.  You want to be sure the balls roll easily but you still want the color to be vibrant and saturated.

  1. Place a piece of paper in the bottom of each foil cooking tin.
  2. Place your tins, straws, and paint bowls and balls in easy reach of little hands.

Let the Little Masters Get to Work!

1.      It’s painting time!!  Let your little artist get to work using all the paint tools you can find.   
2.      Let them explore the paint and the balls on their own!  See what ways they naturally decide to use the materials.
3.      Then, you may choose to provide a little guidance.  Here are some ways that you can use these tools to paint:

  • Use the straw to blow the ping pong ball across the paper.  (This is also a great speech exercise!)
  • Place the ball in the tin and roll it around by holding the edge of the tin
  • Place the ball in the tin and roll it around by pushing the ball around with your hands.
Important Note: There is no right or wrong way to create this art.  Be adventurous and messy about it all.  My little one rolled the ball in the tin, blew on the ball without the straw, bounced the ball in the tin, and used the ball just like a paint brush.  It’s all about exploring new tools for creating art and having fun!!

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