Cloth Diapering 101

Wasting Nothing is happy to introduce a new series on the cloth diapering experience from one of our WN Mommas.  In this series, Krista shares valuable information on the cloth diapering options available, tips for cleaning cloth diapers, and an evaluation of the over-all cost of cloth diapering!

About Krista:
Before I was a mom, I was an Animal Care Specialist who worked with endangered carnivores at a conservation center. The center’s focus is to maintain genetically diverse populations of endangered species from our country and around the world while also instituting programs to save their habitat with the hopes of reintroducing some of these animals back into the wild (and they have already had successes with many species). So, it is obvious to state that I have a deep seeded interest in protecting our environment to the best of my abilities. Although we cannot change the world, the changes we make in our every day lives has an impact on our local environment.

Why I decided to cloth diaper:
When I became pregnant with our first child, my husband and I decided that it just did not make fiscal sense for me to continue going to work (although my job was amazing, it paid little more than minimum wage). I was hesitant to give up such an amazing job and a pay check, but I realized that it made the most sense for our family and would allow me to do things that I would have been otherwise hesitant to try. I always knew that I wanted try cloth diapering, but I was nervous to give it a try. I babysat children growing up who were cloth diapered and found the safety pins and rubber pants to be very overwhelming. But, with the added motivation of saving money with our now tighter budget, I decided it was worth a shot. So, I began my research.
Although the flat prefolds were easy to find and cheap, I had a really tough time finding the rubber pants that I was so familiar with. Upon further investigation, I realized that cloth diapering has come a really long way since I was babysitting 20 years ago. There are now so many options, with different styles, sizes, prints, etc. I was overwhelmed with information. I started asking lots of questions, this part took a lot of work to try and understand it all and figure out what I thought would work best for me.

Got a question or comment for Krista ... post it in the comments below or email: wastingnothing@gmail.com Re: Cloth Diapering.

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