Mini-Masterpieces: Window Leaves

This is a really fun, nearly mess free way to help your little one discover that yellow and blue make green! The magic of mixing two colors to make a third colors is thrilling. Plus, when you tape your finished leaves to a window the light passing through, the leaves adds a new layer of interest and delight.

What you need:
  • Translucent Contact Paper
  • Children's Paint Paint (Finger Paint will provide a more translucent result -The Tempra Paint creates a bolder look with stronger color saturation)
  • Scissors (for adult use only)
  • Scotch tape for displaying your mini-masterpieces!
Before Little Hands Get Involved
  1. Squeeze yellow and blue paint onto the sticky side of a sheet of contact paper. Use any pattern you wish. (Quick Tip: I found several big drops alternating yellow and blue worked best for my little one)
  2. Place another sheet of contact paper over the paint. (Quick Tip: Try to seal the edges together leaving a little bit of air in the middle for mixing room)
  3. Cut the contact paper into the shape of a leaf.
Let the Little Masters Get to Work!

  1. Allow your little one to push the colors around mixing and making shapes. (Quick Tip: You can do this sitting at a table, on the floor, or go ahead and tape it to a window before you start pushing the paint.)
  2. If you did your painting somewhere other than on the window, tape the contact paper to a window. For our littlest hands, I think sliding glass doors work best so it can be placed at an easy height for them to see and play with.

The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!