Mini-Masterpiece: A Happy Drum

My little munchkin absolutely adores Happy Baby Munchies.  In particular, he loves the organic broccoli, kale, and cheddar cheese mix.  I love that they are organic, GMO free, and that the canister is made from 62% post recycled content.  What I don’t love is the volume of these lovely canisters that I send to the recycle bin.  What’s a momma to do?  How about turn it into a fun, Shake and Rattle Drum?!

What you need:

  • Empty Munchies Container
  • White Paper
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Paint, Crayons, or Markers
  • A Bit of Ribbon

Before Little Hands Get Involved

  1. Clean out the puffs container.
  2. Remove the label or leave it on depending on the thickness of your white paper.
  3. Hot glue the white paper to the empty container.
(Quick tip: I like to make some thicker spots of hot glue that create ripples of texture and pattern underneath the paper. It adds texture to the project.)
  1. Let the container cool completely.

Let the Little Masters Get to Work! 

1.      Give your little one the canister and a coloring medium. 
I choose paint more often than not because it is messy and fun and provides great color saturation, which I think is more satisfying to the littlest artists. 

2.      Let you little one explore and paint the canister. 
It is so much fun to watch little ones paint something that is not flat and that has texture beneath the surface!

3.      Set the canister aside to dry and clean up your little artist!!
Optional Step: Once it is dry, fill the canister with found noisy items.  
We used some aluminum foil, the paper from the top of the canister, and then I poured in some dried beans.  Depending on the age of your little one, you may choose to do this step with or without their help.  

While Little Hands are Busy Elsewhere

1.      Hot glue a piece of ribbon onto either side of the interior of the canister.

2.      Hot Glue the Lid back onto the canister.

3.      Hot Glue pipe cleaner or ribbon around the edge of the lid and canister to ensure that it is secure. 
                                                            Play Your Masterpiece!!

Enjoy music time with your little one!  This makes a really entertaining and versatile drum.  You can shake it like a maraca or tap it like a drum.  I like to let my little one use wooden spoons to change the sound when drumming.

Be sure to play along!  I never leave my munchkin unsupervised with this drum just so I can be sure nothing comes loose;--  and, well, I LOVE music time too!! J

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