Itty Bitty Book Worms: Read Green

Cozy up with a good book!!
Read a fun book that helps explore friendship and encourages little one's to develop an understanding of how mixing two colors can make a third color!!
Then, enjoy a fun activity to reinforce the reading!!

The Book:
Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni

To go along with the green theme try reading Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni with your wee one. This book is a fun story about Little Blue and Litle Yellow. Two Friends that discover they have the power to become green when the hug!

The Activity:
Make your own Itty-Bitty Book
What you need:
- A few pieces of construction or butcher paper
- Yellow and Blue Paint
- Some Crayons
- A hole punch
- Some yarn or ribbon

Let your little one paint using yellow and blue paint on several pieces of paper. Allow them to dry. Then punch holes in the side of the paper and thread them together using the ribbon. Sit down with your little one and ask them to help you write the story to go along with thier pictures. If they are a bit too Itty Bitty to create the story themselves you can always use it as a picture book!

Another Good Book by the Same Author: A Color of His Own

The Wasting Nothing Philosophy

Playing, cooking, reading, exploring, loving, laughing, and making a mess with your little one is NEVER a waste of time! It is priority one! It's not just about getting to know your little one. It's about letting your little one get to know you!