Culinary Cuties: Fluffy Sweet Patatoes

Yum, Yum.  This is a healthy sweet potato recipe that will have the whole family raving.  This recipe is for everyone, including families looking for great vegetarian recipes!  That’s right, all  my fellow allergy moms out there, this recipe has no lactose, no egg, no gluten, no shellfish.  You won't believe what it does have!!

Shopping List
* 2-3 lbs of sweet potatoes.
* 1-2 bananas, depending on size
* ½ cup of brown sugar
* a pinch of cinnamon
* a pinch of nutmeg
* a pinch of salt
* a bit of olive oil
Optional Blend-Ins
* orange zest
* 1 cup of vegetable or chicken stock
If you are going vegetarian, don’t choose the chicken stock J
If you do use chicken stock, be gentle with your salt!!

Before Little Hands Get Involved

Step 1 - Prep the Sweet Potatoes: Bring a pot of water to rolling boil.  Add a pot turn of olive oil and a pinch of salt.  While the water is coming to a boil, wash, peel, and cut sweet potatoes

Quick Tip: The smaller the chunks the faster they cook!  Another fantastic option to boiling the potatoes is to steam them in aluminum foil in the oven.  To do this, simply fork the potatoes, wrap them in foil, and place in 350 degree oven for about an hour.  

Step 2 – Add the Banana: Add the banana to your boiling water after the potatoes are nearly tender.  Be sure you put the whole banana in.  If you slice it, it will likely fall apart. Cook the banana with the potatoes for about 3-5 minutes.  You want the banana to get super soft but still hold its shape a bit, so eyeball it.

Step 3 – Let the ingredients cool and get your culinary cutie ready to cook!!

The Little Chef's Job
Step 1Saftey First: Make sure your culinary cutie is in a safe, secure location in the kitchen.

A great place might be secured in a high chair or booster seat pulled to the kitchen table.  Check to make sure that, wherever they are, they are not near any hot appliances or foods, sharp objects, or breakable items. Never leave them unattended in the kitchen.

Step 2 – Mash and Smash: Place the cooled sweet potatoes, bananas and spices into bowl.  Let your little one use a masher or smasher to blend all the ingredients!

Depending on age, you may want to only provide your little one with a portion of the ingredients at the time. That way if they want to dig in with their hands, taste, and explore the foods you can let it happen with no stress … they are only making own their serving … not everyone's J

Step 3 – The Options: You can also mix in a bit of broth or water for a smoother less dense texture.  Be aware that the stock you use may add a bit of sodium or salt, so use judiciously. 

Quick Tip:  Because the ingredients are pretty well cooled while smashing,  you may want to return your potatoes to stove or send them to the microwave for a quick heat -through before serving..

It’s time to dig in!!

This side dish goes great almost any main dish you prepare!  It can also, be a fantastic desert! 

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