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One of my friends introduced me to a new mom the other day as her slightly crunchy mom friend.  I had no idea what this meant.  Then she explained … you know you’re a little bit granola, health nutty, organic and preservative free.  I guess it was meant as a complement, because this mom was looking for advice on transitioning to a more organic diet at her child’s pediatrician’s recommendation.  There is no doubt that venturing into the world of Natural Living can be overwhelming!  There is so much information to absorb and seemingly ever change health facts.  One of the first blogs, I told her about was Mama Natural.  I found this blog when I was pregnant with my son and fell in love.  Believe me, there is virtually no natural living topic that Mama Natural hasn’t or won’t cover.  If I’m slightly crunchy … she is super extra crunchy in an awesome way!

Mama Natural offers a video series on her blog that always gets me thinking and laughing!  She tackles nearly every natural topic from the standard breastfeeding to the more obscure leeching.  Yes, I said leeching!!  One of my favorite things about this site is when she lets you into her kitchen to see some of those less popularly known ingredients in action. My personal favorites are her smoothie recipes.  I absolutely adore her pumpkin smoothie (of coarse … I don't add the egg due to our egg allergy).  Although, I must confess my all-time favorite is papa’s smoothie from the great breakfast smoothie battle!  Yummy!
Whether you are a crunchy Mama or not, I highly recommend taking a peek at Mama Natural’s Blog and Facebook page.  You are sure to come aware with something to think about, talk about, and laugh about!!

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